Take your life from Average to Optimal.

Better Health, More Energy, Increased Success. 

Looking to take your health/ training/ career to the next level?

Ready to crush your goals but don't know where to start?


BD's Optimal Living Challenge is for you.

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Our 8 Week Optimal Living Challenge will show you the techniques used by leading health and wellness experts to live the life you want. Easy to follow, detailed ebooks will teach you how to take your life, your health and your energy levels beyond just existing and into thriving.

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What you are going to learn:

  • What, when and how to eat for optimal health, hormone balance and body composition.
  • How to move (exercise) with purpose and integrity.
  • Techniques to take your personal life, career, relationships to the next level.
  • Ways to face fears and push your physical and psychological boundaries to extend your 'comfort zone'.
  • Multiple health hacks, training tips and specific protocols to take your body and mind to an optimal state.

What you receive:

8 Weeks of life changing material to take you from average to amazing.

Topics covered include;

  • Goal Setting
  • Visualisation
  • Mindset, Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Training techniques
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery methods
  • Gut health
  • Ground breaking discoveries on the role of Sunlight and Water
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques

Access to recordings with guest speakers to introduce you to goal setting, mindset, visualization, correct movement patterns, quality nutrition, individualized supplementation.

Access to our online support group where you can discuss ideas, ask questions and find support from other like-minded people.

Don't waste any more time trying to figure it all out for yourself!

For a super low price we can show you how to;

  • Hit that new PB you've been chasing
  • Find and maintain an optimal weight for your body
  • Uncover and achieve the goals you want to manifest
  • Unleash an abundance of natural energy, enthusiasm, and motivation
  • Live peacefully and joyfully in the present moment
  • Be the most awesome version of yourself imaginable

Yes, you can! By clicking on the button below you will start the journey from "ho-hum" to "HOLY CRAP HOW GOOD IS THIS"! We will send you a new ebook each week covering a new topic, you will also receive reminder emails each week prompting you along your journey.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button and join us in living optimally!


Written by leading health professional and tested out on real people.



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