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Membership Options




  • Fees are subject to change
  • There is NO FREE training, you must be a fully financial member to train at Body Dynamics
  • Body Dynamics reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership 


  • Payments for the On - Ramp Program or Casuals Sessions may be made via Cash or EFTPOS or Paypal when booking through the website
  • Monthly membership must be paid via DIRECT DEBIT as we have found this to be the simplest method for both parties
  • Class Passes must be paid via DIRECT DEBIT 
  • Direct debits can be setup by filling out the appropriate form when you are next at training
  • You will need your BSB and account number or credit card details to complete your direct debit membership form


  • Memberships (Direct Debit) may be suspended on request for a period not less than 2 weeks and not more than 2 months
  • Membership cannot be suspended in your first month of training
  • If you don't return to training within the 3 month maximum period, your membership will be canceled and your place will be offered to someone else
  • A maximum of 3 suspension per year will be allowed
  • Suspensions must be for a legitimate reason (IE something outside your control, work, travel) otherwise we will view it as a cancellation
  • Please note that the training fees already take into account public holidays and the Xmas/Easter break when the gym is closed, but if your training is interrupted for an extended period outside these times we will gladly delay your direct debit payment until your return.
  • Please contact us


  • 3 - weeks notice is required if not prior warning a 2 - week cancellation fee will be applied to all members of BDCF..
  • 1 - week Cancellation fee will be applied to the 12 and 18 month membership.
  • Cancellations fees could be waived for athletes with a relevant excuse to cancel their membership.


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