Remote/ Online Training Program

We know that you want REAL results, but understand thats its not always possible to attend BD headquarters.

For this reason we have now given access to the Body Dynamics Program to everyone all over the world.
This daily programming has been trialled and proven to ensure real results and turn your average joe into an Super Athlete!


Body Dynamics Training Program -

  • 6 days a week program
  • Includes all areas of fitness eg, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Strongman Techniques, Metabolic conditioning, Endurance etc
  • This program is a GAME CHANGER. 30 days of this program and you will be the fittest, fastest, strongest version of yourself.


To sign up for regular programming, click the link to get started. 


If your not to sure and have some more questions about the program, shoot us an email and our Head Coach will get back you ASAP.
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